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Idea: the best kinky love coupons and games

http:// lovelybook .az.com

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Kinky Love Games

Unleash your kinky side
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Jan 07 2010


admin @ 8:19 am

Kinky Love Sex Coupons Printable with Immediate Instant

Free Ebook Preview and Printable Love Coupons

(DNL Reader Required) Get DNL Reader-

Get Ready to spice up your love life for 52 weeks, all year round .

Use the games in the Kinky Love Coupons and Games eBook to add a little
spice to your love life. If you or your partner is hesitant about
trying new things, these Kinky Love coupons can help you explore and
expand your sexuality with your partner in a fun and creative way.
Surprise your partner with these coupons all year round. You can split
the booklet between both of you and redeem one or two coupons a week.
These coupons were created to entertain, have fun, and enjoy the
intimate time you and your partner spend together. They were not
created to offend, humiliate, or degrade your partner. We hope you
enjoy these coupons and the two printable foreplay kinky love games

How is this digital coupon book different than hard copy and other
coupon books available?

This is a digital coupon e-book. You will never have to purchase this
book again to get more coupons. All you have to do is open the file and
reprint more of your favorites. It's that simple!

What format is the ebook available?

1. DNL Format - You will need to download and install the DNL Reader

Get DNL Reader-

2. PDF Format - You will need to download and install the Adobe Reader

Get Adobe PDF Reader-

How do I purchase the ebook?

1. DNL Format - You can purchase through the secure internal DNL
shopping cart inside the ebook with a credit card. You will be able to
activate the full version of the ebook once payment is complete. Get
the DNL Reader (free) and start your purchase through the DNAML
Activation Wizard . (Recommended)

Buy Now - Price $7.95 DNL Format

2. PDF Format - You can purchase through Payloadz with a credit card or
Paypal account. You will receive your download link via email from
Payloadz. Get Adobe Reader to view your purchased PDF file.

Buy Now - Price $7.95 PDF Format

How can I send this ebook as a gift without violating copyrights?

You can send this ebook privately to anyone in the world via email.

You will need:
* Recipient's email
* Purchase an activation code via Paypal
* Open the DNL Format book and click on the email button at the
* Copy and Paste the activation code you received via email. You can
add an optional personalized note and click send. You can also
forward the email you received with the activation code, the DNL
Reader Link, and DNL ebook file link.

Buy Now - Price $7.95 DNL Format Activation Code

Special Event Gift Ideas:
* Valentine's Day
* Anniversary Gift
* Bachelor Party Gift
* Bachelorette Party Gift
* Birthday Gift
* Wedding Gift
* Honeymoon Gift
* other Special occasions

How can I preview this ebook without downloading the DNL Reader?

You can preview the book and print free Kinky Love Coupons by
downloading a stand alone exe file version of the ebook here.
Kinky Love Sex Coupons Printable with Immediate Instant

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Jan 04 2010


admin @ 12:57 am

This is my personal blog about Kinky Sex Games, experiences, and
stories. I post Weekly Kinky Sex Coupon Games for couples to enjoy and
share their experience with others.

Who am I?

I'm a Mexican-American girl that was raised by two very strict parents.
I'm the oldest of five. Since no one in my family had ever gone to
college, it was more than understood that if I was to, it would have to
be the local university. My parents were so strict that even after I
had a college degree, I still had a 10:30 curfew up until the day I was
married. In case you are wondering...yes I was 25 years old and still
a virgin. However, it was by choice. You see, I would schedule my dates
to start earlier in the day so I could make it back on time. Even
though we had plenty of opportunities, my husband and I had made the
choice wait until the day we were married. I guess it never occurred to
my parents that people had sex during the day too.

So why did I create a kinky love coupons ebook?

I learned how screwed up I was within my first months of marriage. The
games and activities were collected to help me overcome the issues I
had about sex. Now their available in this ebook.

My mother had one mission in life, and that was to make sure I stayed a
virgin until marriage. Sex and everything related to sex was strictly
taboo at my house. I never got "the talk" from either parent. I hope
someone could give me "the talk". I plan to give my children "a talk"
one day, I just hope it's the right one. LOL

The first months of marriage were very difficult for me. I couldn't
bring myself to enjoy sex. I would reach an orgasm, but I would not
allow myself to enjoy it. I just wanted to be over quickly because I
felt ashamed. I made sure I limited sex to two or three positions.
Sometimes I would make things so complicated my husband would get
turned off. I would feel bad for him but I also felt relieved. I'd
rather offer a helping hand than to go through the whole act. It was a
terrible time.

I knew I had to snap out of it, this couldn't be right. I opted for
self therapy and watched lots of porn, read "dirty" magazines, read
erotic stories, read what other people did. I was shocked about all the
stuff people do to get off. Well, I knew I was probably not going to do
everything at once, but I was going to make sure I enjoyed it. The time
had finally come. I had made notes about those activities I think I
might enjoy. Needless to say, my husband was thrilled about my open
mindedness to try new new positions, activities, and even sex toys. I
created notes or coupons that would last me for about a year. I was to
try a new out of the ordinary sexual activity every week.

Seven years later...the journey continues. My relationship with my
husband has evolved beautifully. Now I'm ready to share this ebook with
the world, except with my mother. Shhh...don't tell her about all the
sex toys in the top drawer of my dresser. I still remember how ashamed
she made me feel when she found a thong in the laundry basket.

I can' wait to exchange ideas with you...Happy New Year!

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